SIMEX Sustainable Energy

Long-lasting, efficient, cost-saving. We are your partner when it comes to air heater solar collectors

Your challenge
Is your budget constantly and excessively burdened with rising energy costs? Are you planning on taking measures to increase energy efficiency in the commercial, industrial or private sector? Does your building need a well thought-out, effective and economically attractive ventilation system?

Our solution
As Swiss main importers and supplier of SolarVenti products, we support you in your efforts to optimize and restructure heating and energy management. We create customized overall concepts based on your individual needs, regardless of whether this involves your vacation home or a large industrial building. Take advantage of our comprehensive service package.

SIMEX Clever Composites

Powerful, flexible, universal Composites are a perfect alternative material for your needs.

Your challenge
Do you need a construction, component or a casing to be made to your specifications, that can also hold its own when subjected to difficult challenges? Do your central decision parameters involve economic efficiency, quality and longevity? Are you searching for alternatives to and sensible supplements for steel or aluminum? Are you coming to terms with how important innovation is in growing markets?

Our solution
The answer to these and other questions lies in state-of-the-art materials such as fiber-based composites and thermoplastics. Thanks to years of experience, a degree of competence in the field of materials and our own products, we can be your reliable partner when it comes to anything related to composites all along the process chain - from a feasibility study to development to serial production, from the 3D model design to the final assembly of a completed hybrid design. Take advantage of the impressive versatility of composites, and use our strengths to achieve success!

SIMEX Communication Solutions

Highly functional, climate-proof, environmentally sound. We will integrate your wireless system into any environment.

Your challenge
Are you searching for a solution as to how to equip a protected area with wireless antennae? How about reliable and fitting cladding on systems exposed to weather conditions? Are you unable to use steel for your planned radio relay systems due to weight issues?

Our solution
No matter what your requirements in the field of wireless systems integrations may be: We can support you with a complete package of services and our expertise when it comes to glass fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP). From development and planning to the execution of all steps involved, we are your one-stop provider, Additionally, you can count on us for an overview of all relevant construction regulations, and for reliable processing in what are often narrow time frames.

Energy efficient solutions From the very first idea to the finished product. All from one source.

SIMEX - We are main importers of SolarVenti®'s solar thermal collectors and, right from the start, can offer support with

  •  detailed counseling and analysis of your environmental conditions
  • feasibility studies and calculation of savings potentials, including an amortization plan
  • handling all necessary process-related steps such as building requests, CAD supported preliminary work, etc.
  • planning, assembly and commissioning of the entire system according to your specifications

Are you experiencing issues with dampness in your basement area? Would you like to heat your storage facility using affordable energy from a sustainable source? Are you looking for a reliable solution for improving the air conditioning in your office?

We will find a way. Together.

 Download Solarventi Professional brochure

Thank you for enquiring about our accomplishments and services. SIMEXgroup AG stands for Swiss quality solutions since 1998. We are systems and innovations partners in composite technology, the integration of telecommunications components and sustainable energy solutions.

Our business DNA is comprised of much of what has always defined Switzerland: a strong drive for the best possible quality and precision, for one, but also our enthusiasm for products and values that will still hold strong in years to come. Our customers and partners appreciate our efficiency, our ability to see the big picture and our passion for developing new solutions, as they do the rapid turnaround we can offer, our problem-solving work ethic and our understanding that teamwork is the foundation of joint success.

The business headquarters for our integrated industrial and commercial group is located in Switzerland. We also have a strong international focus. Currently, more than half of our product lines are launched outside our domestic market. More and more clients appreciate not just our work ethic and the extensive range of products available through us, but also our synergetic results and the added value that can be found across all areas of our business.

Our SIMEX Sustainable Energy branch offers the same benefits: In times when we are collectively experiencing an increasing need for renewable forms of energy and ever rising fossil-fuel-based energy costs, new paths are all the more important. This applies to both private and business realities. 

We consider ourselves to be successful supporters of such pioneering paths. In these particular circumstances we are identifying and marketing sound, economically attractive products, as well as being your number one partner in this line of business and in the big picture. The efficient air heat solar collectors by SolarVenti® are the perfect example. As Swiss main importers and supplier of SolarVenti products, we support you in your efforts to optimize and restructure heating and energy management. Based on your individual specifications we design customized all-encompassing solutions - for private vacation homes as well as for industrial warehouses and storage facilities.

Take advantage of our comprehensive service package

Branch solutions New Solutions, new paths. From Knowledge to Product.

Useful implementation of solar energy.

Ventilate, humidify and heat efficiently with solar thermal collectors.

First you detect an unpleasant stuffy smell. Then you discover the first stains of mould and mildew. And, worst case scenario, not only is your inventory and building exposed to potential damage, but also your health. We are talking about dampness that goes untreated.

This is how we tackle problems of this nature: Solar thermal collectors by SolarVenti, available through us, your main importer all across Switzerland. This simple and intelligent solution involves your free use of the sun's energy in order to ventilate rooms, humidify them and heat them, even faster and more efficiently than with traditional solar systems. The reason: Warm air is directed into the room via a solar ventilator. The only factor you have to consider is where you choose to place your integrated solar module.

By the way, the operating principle behind solar-powered thermal collectors has been used since the beginning of the 19th century. The photovoltaic systems boom has overshadowed this alternative form of energy use somewhat, but as federal regulations steadily disappear, these economically attractive air collectors are increasingly being used by savvy clients.

SIMEX SolarVenti® offers the use of thermal collectors in three main areas:

  • as a standard module solution for damp and as an indoor climate solution for homes and vacation homes
  • as a an effective and lasting solution for issues with basement damp
  • as a commercial solution when it comes to industrial and hall construction

Of course, for each of these areas we will provide you with a complete service package, from the initial consultation, development up to installation, assembly and beyond.

Would you like to find out more about this highly efficient form of energy use? Contact us; we will gladly provide you with information and advice.

Use energy more efficiently.

Lower your energy costs with solar energy.

We all know that resources such as oil and gas are finite. However, this also means that prices are likely to go up in the near future. This applies to businesses and commercial enterprises just as much as to private households. At the same time, renewable sources of energy are becoming more and more popular. This not only raises the issue of cost, but also increasing awareness of sustainability and a need to become independent from power companies.

This presents the following significant challenge: The first wave of hype involving a real demand for solar thermal renewable energy has already passed, not to mention its market-distorting subsidies. What we need now are well thought-out, sustainable and effective solutions. Furthermore, more need to identify products that use renewable energy based resources and deliver the same efficiency as other products run on conventional forms of energy.

SIMEX Sustainable Energy works as your partner, offering suggestions as to outstanding products and solutions, where we accompany you step by step. One example of this is our thermal collectors by SolarVenti®.

Increase your options with lightweight construction.

Build using the benefits of fiber-reinforced plastics.

Are you still thinking in terms of steel and aluminum? Then prick up your ears. Vastly shorter assembly time, considerably lower cost, practically unlimited design geometries and a whole slew of material advantages: The use of fiber-reinforced plastics literally multiplies your options when it comes to mobile communications and construction.

Another advantage is a noticeably decreased environmental footprint. The manufacturing of these materials takes significantly less energy than do steel and aluminum extraction. And, of course, these materials are recyclable.

SIMEX Clever Composites offers all of these advantages to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Whether it is a matter of base construction or the discrete camouflaging of wireless system antennae, we are your solid partner and at your side. You can count on us for competence in any phase, be it the first advice you seek on materials or the moment when your fiber-based composite solution for lightweight construction is assembled and complete. Of course, our spectrum of competence also includes hybrid construction using steel, aluminum and glass fiber reinforced composites.

Enjoy cost-saving and fast results by using our fiber-reinforced lightweight construction methods when working on mobile communications and construction projects, thanks to the following tangible advantages:

  • all from one source - from a specific design to completion
  • Easy handling and on-site assembly
  • impressive structural strength while at the same time being lightweight
  • excellent corrosion and UV resistance
  • convincing longevity without high maintenance costs
  • electrical and thermal isolation - save yourself expensive grounding conductors
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
Get acquainted with SIMEX Clever Composites data and get a glimpse of the practically limitless variety in designing wireless systems camouflage.

 Download Brochure SIMEX Composites

Integrate wireless systems intelligently.

Adapt your wireless systems to the environment.

As an operator of wireless systems you are familiar with this problem: Mobil and directional radio antennae are a topic of the utmost importance, not only to the public, but also to home and property owners, because they can adversely affect property values. Add to this the possibility that once a lease has expired the longstanding requirements that were in place can completely change; this occurs, for example, with historical buildings which need protecting.

The solution: glass fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) or plastics. SIMEX has been planning, building and manufacturing tailor-made components made of a variety of materials for years. We can help you integrate your wireless systems location with maximum discretion and complying with historic building regulations, regardless of the aforementioned difficulties and in a cheerfully cost-effective manner.

The challenge is enormous: In order to keep up with a developing digital industry, wireless system networks must be continuously and massively developed as well. Key phrases such as "Industry 4.0" or "The Internet of Things" indicate one thing only: an ever growing need for wireless systems and antenna locations. Take 5-G technology, which is to be the successor of our current LTE network: experts speculate that the number of wireless systems will have to increase, systems that have to be installed somewhere.


This is exactly where our comprehensive service catalogue comes in to play:

  • We will give you comprehensive and clear advice right from the start.
  • We have years of experience in wireless systems integration - even in sensitive areas and historic preservation ensembles.
  • We are competent when it comes to composite materials and procedures
  • We take over any step along the way, from design to final assembly, and guarantee a smooth work flow

Find out more about our SIMEX Clever Composites business segment, and our wireless systems services!

A well thought out design is a necessary component of success.

During product development you must plan and build accordingly.

It is quite common place: The more a product has been planned, designed and thought through, the more success it will have in the market. However, processes such as design, planning and construction are still often neglected. The reason for this is that development budgets almost always fall short in order to lower costs. However, it is precisely an extensive development that ends up saving money in the long-run.

Here at SIMEX we understand that the realm of design is deeply rooted in our DNA, and that, for years now, many customers all over Europe have come to appreciate our holistic approach to design. You too should take advantage of our comprehensive development competence! It will benefit you, whether you need help visualizing a new product, need a 3D model as a prototype, or simply need support in preparing technical drawings for reasons of capacity.

We use CAx methods and design software such as Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks and ProEngineering. Additionally, we collaborate closely with experts from associate offices on statistical and dynamic calculations, pooling our expertise.

Our benefits and services at a glance:

  • We create designs and project sketches.
  • We take over planning for the entire project in German, French and English.
  • We draw up responsible construction and manufacturing plans.
  • We develop assembly plans and instructions.
  • We conduct statistical and dynamic calculations on your behalf.

By the way, we also consider the big picture and not just isolated factors. These services are available to you through any of our business segments, SIMEX Communications Solutions, SIMEX Clever Composites and SIMEX SolarVenti.

Service From the idea to the innovation. From the solution to success.

  • SIMEX SolarVenti®. Air heat solar collectors.From fresh air to your best interest. From the path to the goal.

    SIMEX SolarVenti® offers you a complete package of products and services for ventilation, heating and humidifying.  The major benefit of this clever system from Denmark: It has all the advantages of a cost-effective solution for lasting indoor climate improving energy production, all based on air heated for free.  

    Solar collectors conduct heated air directly into the room; this process is supported by ventilation that functions directly via a standard integrated photovoltaic component, without any additional need for energy. 

    This system is suited for apartments and vacation homes, basement rooms and commercial buildings such as production and storage facilities. The installation of this efficient solution using solar air collectors is especially worthwhile in areas negatively affected by unwanted dampness, where this issue can lead to lasting damage. 

    We are Switzerland's main importer of SolarVenti®, and can offer you the following services:

    • comprehensive counseling on all SolarVenti® products
    • storage of many products in our Montlingen storage facility
    • after-sales service
    • feasibility analysis such as planning and construction
    • assembly services for all of Switzerland
    • core drillings

    Would you like to find out more? Contact us directly; we would gladly provide you with detailed counseling.

  • SIMEX Energy. Longevity and Efficiency.From the sun to you. From saving energy to saving money.

    Sustainable energy management is one of the big topics of the future, in private households as well as in businesses.  We are not only looking at cost, but also the question of how we wish to collectively treat our environment.  

    We have integrated this point into our portfolio, and can offer you a number of services and solutions with efficient solar air collector technology as the focal point.  This is directly linked to our own aspirations of creating clean and sustainable energy with all the advantages of application and low cost that come with the use of solar energy. 

    Our services at a glance:

    • Information and advice on the use of solar air collectors for private households and businesses
    • Feasibility and advantageousness analyses
    • Modernizing and restructuring support, always from one source.
    • Planning and development 
    • All-around care from building request to final inspection
    • Implementation and assembly of stand-alone and complete solutions involving thermal collectors

    Read our portfolio to find out more about the work we do in the field of energy. 

  • SIMEX Composites. New Solutions, new paths.From Knowledge to Product. From glass fiber composite to the end result.

    Composite properties make composites the perfect alternative to materials such as steel or aluminum. Over the years, we have built up a broad spectrum of services and benefits involving the numerous uses of glass fiber reinforced composites. Thus we have found a way to come up with high quality composite solutions matching any of your requirements.  

    In addition to consultation as to choosing the right composite, our service chain always covers the entire spectrum, from the initial concept to the finished component.  What is also important to us is that, as independent suppliers, you can always count on us for neutral expertise when it comes to materials.  Often times options will come up that you may never have considered.  

     Our glass fiber reinforced composites benefits and services at a glance:

    • Materials and applications consultation 
    • Engineering and product development
    • Manufacturing and handling (from custom-made prototypes to serial production)
    • Hybrid designs (a combination of steel and fiber-based composite)
    • Project leaders/ project management
    • Complete project undertaking
    • Quality management and quality assurance
    • Logistics

    Read our portfolio to find out more about the work we do in the field of composites. 

  • SIMEX Telecommunication. Possibilities for tomorrow.From challenge to solution. From sketch to building inspection.

    Our telecom industry service portfolio encompasses everything you need to better integrate your wireless systems. With over 800 successfully completed projects across Europe and excellent composite expertise, we can provide you with sound project competence that pays off both conceptually and economically. 

    Thus, we provide a solid basis for ongoing development and the important expansion of wireless networks.  

    Other advantages for you include: We do more than just offer you standard solutions: we accompany you throughout special construction starting with an idea and ending with realization. In this field, we are general contractors, not only working from technical drawings, but also, if need be, making silicon casts on-site. This way we can guarantee you the perfect integration of wireless systems into existing structural environments, such as existing architectural features or special roofing tiles 

    With these services we make sure your project is a success:

    • General contractor service in the field of specialized construction and FRP casings
    • all from one source - from a the initial sketch to the building inspection
    • Integration of artists and artisans in construction-based group loyalty
    • deadline monitoring
    • after sales service
    • construction monitoring
    • development of screening technique solutions to protect against non-ionizing radiation

    Read our portfolio to find out more about the work we do in the field of telecom.

  • SIMEX Design. Engineering and services.From the idea to the innovation. From the solution to success.

    Everything SIMEX has to offer is based on design concept. From this perspective we make your idea, your vision, your concept, your prototype or your serial product a reality. And, of course, specialized solutions to intricate requirements, solutions that can only be reached with a consistent problem-solving mindset and solid engineering.

    You benefit from our self-conception: We are your partner. Interested and flexible.  Competent and efficient.  Innovative and international.  Reliable and on schedule.

    Another advantage for you is our holistic design portfolio. We can guarantee that we will be by your side from initial contact to a successfully completed project.  We are convinced that by combining various work areas and services we create something that is more valuable to you than the sum of its parts. 

    Ask us about the following services:

    • Engineering, product and innovation development
    • federal calculations in linear and non-linear range.
    • Idea conversion into CAD/ CAM
    • Feasibility studies
    • Constructions including 3D models and installation guides
    • Visualization and photorealistic representation
    • Project support in case of capacity constraints
    • complete project management in German, French and English

    Read our portfolio to find out more about the work we do in the field of design. >>HERE

Contact Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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