Save energy. With SIMEX Sustainable Energy

We lower your usage, while you save on costs and improve your indoor climate.


Where does tomorrow's energy come from? What price are we willing to pay and what will we pay for it? And how can we save on energy? Whether private citizen or decision maker, nowadays we all have urgent questions such as these regarding constantly rising costs. At the same time, the subject of energy has a much more practical dimension: What solutions and what technology can best fulfill your personal requirements and needs for energy efficiency, either in your private life or in your work environment?

We have come up with a solution that is both to implement and a solution that works: Save energy with air. You heard correctly. The additive systems by SIMEX Sustainable Energy offer you a technology that open up new perspectives and possibilities with solar air collectors. Don't just save on costs, improve your indoor climate as well. Unlike with other conventional solar systems, here you will not even need government support. Our thermal collectors pay for themselves quickly thanks to their comparatively low acquisition costs.

The principle is actually quite simple. Heat is directly added to the air in the room. This way you can provide heating, ventilation and even air-conditioning with our solar air collectors. The necessary energy is provided by the sun in a completely sustainable manner.

We support you right from the start as general providers of SolarVenti® systems with

  • detailed counseling and analysis of your environmental conditions
  • feasibility studies and calculation of savings potentials, including an amortization plan
  • take-over of all necessary process-related steps such as building requests, CAD supported preliminary work, etc. 
  • planning, assembly and commissioning of the entire system according to your specifications

Take action when it comes to energy and lower your costs long-term! We would gladly answer any questions and give you a personal consultation.