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Large poles made of glass fiber-reinforced plastics

Development project for fully equipped industrially manufactured mobile communications towers made of FRP

ACTIA Sodielec France

End customer
Bouygues Telecom  (France)
SFR (France)
Megafon (Russia)

Development and implementation of industrially manufactured mobile communications towers made of glass fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP)

ACTIA Sodielec France contracted us to develop and implement towers made of glass fiber-reinforced plastics for wireless systems for end clients Bouygues Telecom and SFR (both France) and Megafon (Russia).  


The challenge
The biggest challenge with this project was its dimension. In the development of mobile networks the antenna placements have to be on masts that measure between four and 25 meters, and must be produced to industrial specifications - there must be plenty of mobility and stability, but as little weight as possible.  


SIMEX solution project
We developed a pipe construction based on which we were able to make FRP masts where the desired lengths could be achieved. Additionally, we were able to conceptualize and implement plastic modules that could be filled with sand as a base.  The final assembly method also came from SIMEX - mobile and electric carriages for antennae and directional radio reflectors that could be mounted close to the ground and brought up to operating height with a hoist motor.  The final alignment was done via a wireless system. Thanks to FRP materials a mast of 25m in length and 1.2m in width ended up weighing only about two tons. 


SIMEX implementation
Takeover of the entire development process, construction, implementation and project management..

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