The perfectly integrated wireless systems location

Integration of a wireless system into an advertisement for chocolate




Disguising a wireless communications tower by using foil and pultrusion profiles on-site in Flawil (Switzerland)

This client needed us to technically integrate a wireless system, to the best of our ability, on-site at the chocolate factory; this system was to be economically highly efficient and also serve as an powerfully attention-grabbing advertisement.  


Project Flawil on-site challenge
Adhering to the technical requirements of a mobile communications antenna that bears the least possible disturbance in transmission capacity a solution had to be found for the construction of a chocolate factory's on-site light-weight device that could not weigh more than 1,000 kg. This construction was also meant to serve as an advertising feature with the most attention grabbing effect possible. 


Project Flawil on-site Simex solution
Our solution was the conception and development of an oversized chocolate stick that could double as a mobile service antenna. For this project, we built a light-weight construction made of pultrusion FRP profiles without a steel pole, disguised it with a chocolate design, and then mounted it via a pneumatic crane. 

This involved many preparations, including conception, structural design, construction and manufacturing plans, and implementation using pultrusion FRP profiles and final assembly. 

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