The perfectly integrated wireless systems location

Implementing a flue pipe wireless system 


Sunrise Communications AG


Camouflaging a wireless system on-site in Lugano (Switzerland)

Simex's rough description of the project + understanding of the situation

This contract required us to add a mobile communications antenna to the roof of a building in Lugano to the best of our ability. 


Project Lugano on-site challenge
For this project we had to overcome two major challenges. On the one hand, radiation transparency requirements for the components; on the other hand the optimum antenna and directional radio function underneath the camouflage; our goal was to integrate the antenna optics in the environment as well as possible.


Project Lugano on-site Simex solution
We developed and implemented a lightweight overall structure comprised of pultrusion carriers, which did both challenges justice. Thanks to the use of fiberglass-reinforced plastic we were able to come up with a solution with a corrosion and UV resistant, electrical and thermal isolation that was also environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Simex implementation/ scope of delivery
Completing infrastructural steps from planning to final assembly on-site.  


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